Some words about… mit Joe Ginsberg.

DSC02394Vor zwei Jahren zog es Chuck Ragan, Brian Fallon, Dave Hause & Dan Andriano nach Deutschland- „Getarnt“ als „The Revival Tour“. Zur instrumentalen und gesanglichen Unterstützung wurden Jon Gaunt und Joe Ginsberg eingepackt. Diese beiden Herren blieben mir im Gedächtnis. Spukten im Hinterkopf rum. Und da ich in letzter Zeit immer wieder über Joe Ginsberg „gestolpert“ bin, bekam er kurzerhand eine Nachricht zugestellt, ob er nicht auch bei der „Some words about…“ Reihe mitmachen möchte. Und nur kurze Zeit später kam dies zurück: „Hi! Yes I’d be happy to answer some questions for you and the blog. Send them over!“ Mein Herz machte Freudensprünge! Genug gesabbelt! Joe Ginsberg übernimmt ab jetzt!

The Revival Tour:

This is one of the greatest and most unique tours around today. No show is ever alike and the camaraderie makes it just as fun to watch as it is to play. I’m honored to be Music Director and a part of this tour!

Chuck Ragan:

Chuck is one of a kind. A true musician and wonderful person. He cares deeply for his art and all the people around him. It has truly changed my life in the most positive way to play music with Mr. Ragan.

Dave Hause:

Dave may be one of my all-time favorite buds from the road. He is always a blast to be around and is a performer like no other. It has been amazing to watch Dave’s fanbase grow, as he truly deserves it. I always look forward to sharing the road and playing tunes with Dave…be on the lookout for „The Adventures of Little Buddy Lee and Huckleberry Hound Dog“ soon…

Brian Fallon:

Brian is a true American songwriter. Again a great friend that I made while on Revival Tour. He eats, sleeps, and breathes his music…I love that so much.

Jon Gaunt:

I’ve had the pleasure of spending the better part of two years on the road with Jon. He is the most talented and modest fiddle player I have ever known. And nobody can beat that Jon Gaunt Swamp Stomp!


Joe & Jarred. Baywood.

Baywood is my baby. An indie/folk project I started with my dear friend Jarrad Kritzstein in early 2011, this is my favorite thing in the world. We write and record these songs straight from the heart and love it so much. It has been an amazing outlet to write lyrics and make music so organically…it’s really something special. Look out for a full-length record and lots of touring in 2013. Check out our video here: I can breathe again.


I love tattoos and am almost always game to get one spur of the moment and on the road. All of my tattoos tell a story or express a feeling for something I’m going through at the time. I try to keep them fun, kitschy, and light…no flames or snakes or skulls on my body haha!

Los Angeles: I love LA. I’ve lived here on and off for the past 11 years. The creative energy and weather just can’t be beat. I think it makes it easier to love this town when you’re on the road 8 months a year as well haha.


Mosby is my dude! He’s going on 3, he’s a puggle, I rescued him, and he’s my favorite little monster.

the first show you ever played:

That would have to be a Battle of the Bands in a small town in Colorado when I was 13, played with my ska band „Evar Orbis and the Galactic Ska Wailers“.

your biggest mistake on stage:


You know, I make small mistakes every night, but a big one isn’t really jumping out at me. As a performer I just roll with the punches and keep the show going, the audience feels what you feel. There was one night on the last US Revival Tour when I couldn’t hear Chuck and Jon and was on the wrong beat for the entire intro…that was a bummer, but I don’t think the audience even knew. Thank goodness our tech did and gave me a clue, because I really couldn’t hear anything.

the german crowd:


things, you can´t live without:

Music. Fashion. Mosby. Daily intense exercise. Food. Beer. Jameson. Women. Friends. My parents.

your strengths:

I’m a fun guy and get along with most people, I’m also very caring and passionate. I like to think I roll with the punches easily on the road, and I’m pretty decent performer…

your weaknesses:

I’m a little intense. I have a high standard for myself and everyone around me. This can be a drag sometimes. I also love whiskey…

being on tour:

Is my favorite thing in the world. I’d trade nothing for it. Playing music in a new town every night for new people is more than I could ever ask for in life.

last words:

I think we pretty much covered it. Love and support all kinds of art and music, especially that which comes from the heart….

Thank you very much, Joe!


VIDEO: Klick!


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