Round 1: Interview with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones.

DSC02100„Don’t be nervous! It’s just a conversation.“ And I thought: „Yes, that’s true, Mr. Hause! But my problem is: It will be my first interview- in English!“ With Dave Hause from The Loved Ones! I mean..he is an amazing musician and his songs mean a lot to me! Especially „C’mon kid„. Last year I’ve seen 17 of his concerts and each one of them was full of emotions, fun, energy and goose bumps. He is a perfect entertainer- not only on stage. He really loves what he does. A talented person, who deserves all the best! In the last year he was like the Road Runner: faster than anyone else! There were lots of solo- and supportshows for The Gaslight Anthem, Laure Jane Grace or The Bouncing souls. Life on the fast lane.

Long before I met Dave for the interview in St. Ingbert, I started to think about the questions. About the whole situation: „What can I do? I don’t want a ’normal‘ interview. That’s too boring for me and maybe for Dave too.“

I discovered a ‚The Loved Ones‚-album, lying right in front of me.

„The Loved Ones…The Loved Ones…THE LOVED ONES! That’s the idea! I need pictures of Chuck Ragan, Joey Cape, Dan Andriano, Joe Ginsberg,…. His loved ones!“

The Loved Ones- Pictures

After a while I had all the pictures together and started to write the questions on the back: Always one question about the musicians on the picture and one or two about himself. Perfect.

And yes, I was really nervous, but he was a real gentleman! Thank you for your time, Dave! It was a pleasure for me.

There are some sentences about Dave Hause at the end of the interview. No, not from me. Sentences from Tim Vantol & Joe Ginsberg.

What did you learn from Chuck Ragan? As a human and as a musician?

There are people, who are travelling around to see a band, sometimes for the whole tour. What do you think about them? Do you like it or do you sometimes think, they could use their money and time for something better?

Did you ever do that? If not: For which band would you do it?

How would you describe a concert from The Bouncing Souls?

About Dave Hause

Tim Vantol: „A great and funny guy, who knows how to say the right things on the right moments. Great performer. Great songwriter.

Joe Ginsberg: „Dave may be one of my all-time favorite buds from the road. He is always a blast to be around and is a performer like no other. It has been amazing to watch Dave’s fanbase grow, as he truly deserves it. I always look forward to sharing the road and playing tunes with Dave…be on the lookout for “The Adventures of Little Buddy Lee and Huckleberry Hound Dog” soon…“

(„Baywood is my baby.“- Click!)


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