Round 2: Interview with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones.

Foto: Gregory Nolan
Foto: Gregory Nolan

Frank Turner about Dave Hause:I met Dave when I was on tour with Gaslight in the USA and he was playing with The Loved Ones. We became firm friends. He’s something of a maniac, very good at causing trouble if he puts his mind to it. But he’s a sweetheard, and a wise man.

Diese Worte von Frank Turner über Dave Hause gehen runter wie Öl, nicht wahr? Somit kann nun der zweite Teil des Interviews weitergehen, indem er über Merchverkäufe und über die gemeinsame Tour mit Nessi und Joey Cape spricht. Und mit was kann man Herrn Hause eigentlich auf die Palme bringen? Hört selbst!


You took control of the sale of your own merch again, after it seemed like there were some problems. Do you want to tell something about this?

What do people have to do to drive you crazy?

Some words about the tour with Nessi & Joey Cape?

What does it take to have a great concert?

Round 1: Click!

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