Round 4: Interview with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones.

North Alone & Dave Hause.
North Alone & Dave Hause.

North Alone about Dave Hause: „I play a Gibson J45 which is called „The workhorse“. This name would also be perfect for Dave. Beside the great songs he’s writing and the powerful shows he’s playing he is a very nice guy without any rock star attitude. I met him supporting him at one of the solo shows during the Gaslight Anthem tour and he gave me very much respect for being a musician like him and not like being just a small unknown support act. „

If you have to compare Joey Cape with a superhero- who would it be and why?

The next topic is about tattoos: Some people have inked lines or other stuff of „The Loved Ones“ or of your solo project. How do you feel when you see tattoos like those?

What is about your tattoos? Are you a person who does a tattoo spontaneous or do you give many thoughts about it, before you get inked?

Joe Ginsberg said about you: „I always look forward to sharing the road with Dave…be on the lookout for ‚The adventures of Little Buddy Lee and Huckleberry Hound Dog‘ soon…“ Can you say something about that?

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