Round 5: Interview with Dave Hause from The Loved Ones.

482721_10150687464767236_1370711502_nFelix (Flix Records): „When I was 17 or 18 years old I was into a band called The Explosion who mixed Hardcore with poppy Punkrock music and a great aesthetics when it came to album artwork and merchandise. The jazz around the band was interesting to me and so I came across Dave Hause when he filled in for the band right after Sam Cave left the band. Sam was responsible for the „Flash Flash Flash“ album and I was bummed that he left the band. However, I checked out Dave’s other bands like The Curse and Paint It Black later and thought they were all amazing. These were the bands that got me to Hardcore acts like Kid Dynamite. When The Loved Ones first CD came out on Fat Wreck I was excited to see that Dave is not only a good song writer but can actually write hit songs like „Jane“. I met Dave for the first time last year in Stuttgart and was happy to work with him on a small 7 Inch project with his solo project & The Cobra Skulls for my label Flix Records. Dave was on so many great tours, festivals and released so many fantastic records on every god label out there in 2012 so I hope that 2013 will be his year. He deserves it!“

(„…vor mir der Computer und leere Cornflakes-Schüsseln.“- Click!)

What do you do to keep yourself in shape during a tour?

You’re always on the road and the music is your constant companion. Are you sometimes afraid there could be the day, you would have to say: ‚I can’t go on like this. I don’t want to do this anymore!‘ Like some kind of a burn out?

What was the funniest experience with Brian Fallon?

If you listening to a new record from a band you love: How are you listening to it? Can you step back from being a musician and just enjoy the music or are you listening to guitar tracks and other things?

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