„My record-my rules!“ Interview with Chuck Ragan & Joe Ginsberg.

Vielen Dank an Alyssa/Getaddicted für das Bild!
Vielen Dank an Alyssa/Getaddicted für das Bild!

Part 1: I’m only a girl who loves music. It’s my passion and it keeps me alive. I love writing about it, listening to it, discovering new music/records and going to concerts in different cities and countries. There are musicians who have a special place in my heart. Want to hear some names?! Alright! Let’s start with: Dave Hause (The Loved Ones) – a workaholic. I know, you might think it’s insane that I’ve seen 23 shows of him, but I don’t regret any second.  *There’s no other musician I’ve ever seen, that has such a power on stage – every single evening. Eventhough he’s small – he got the power of a giant. (*Quote: Jess!) Little Buddy Lee (Little Buddy Lee? Click!), hope to see you soon again when you come back to Germany! Can’t wait to hear your new album & thank you again for your heartwarming words! Another name would be: Joey Cape (Lagwagon). Not only that he’s a really nice guy, but also you can see and feel that he just loves what he’s doing. For the interview I hid the questions in self-made fortune cookies. It turned out to be a very emotional, honest and intensive conversation. Great man, great songs! Brian Fallon of The Gaslight Anthem. I have great respect for him and his work. If someone would ask me who I’d like to do an interview with and why – it would be clearly: Brian Fallon, because I’m fascinated by this guy.  There’s not one day that goes by where I don’t listen to his songs – mostly his acoustic versions. Chuck Ragen & Joe Ginsberg. Two excellent musicians I look up to. To do an interview with Chuck Ragan was a dream of mine since years. He is a brilliant musician with the heart on the right place. He’s got such an agreeable voice and glows with love that I believe everything he says. The godfather of The Revival Tour.

It’s hard for me to do interviews with musicians that are for a long time in the music business. Just because I know they’ve had loads of interviews and I don’t want to ask the same questions as everybody else. That’s what makes it hard for me, as I don’t like normal interviews – I want to make interviews interesting – for me and for the musician.

Chuck and Joe love going fishing and that was the idea in my head: Fishing! Of course! But how could I slip in that idea (into an interview)?!

Easy! I took a wooden board, painted it green and wrote the lyrics of „The boat“ and „I can breathe again“ on it. Then I folded little paper nautilus with the questions in it- ready to get fished!

It was a long way to Münster and the wooden board was unhandily and heavy. I was really nervous, as I didn’t know what they’d think of my idea. Would they think I’m mad/crazy?

They didn’t! Actually they really enjoyed it and I mean: rooftop fishing is something special, isn’t it? Chuck Ragan and Joe Ginsberg- thank you very much from the bottom of my heart! It was a pleasure for me! „Merci!“

Joe, who did the artwork for your new ep „You are guarded by the daylight, we are losing in the nighttime“ and why did you choose this long title for it?

Chuck, you travel a lot during a tour. How is it for you to come back home after a couple of weeks – are you then motivated to travel again with family or friends or do you rather stay home?

Joe, I often read the name „Elf House“ on instagram. What’s the story behind this house/this name?

Chuck! StageIt: How is it for you to perform in front of a webcam/camera without the direct reaction of the crowd?

Some words about with Joe Ginsberg: Click!

Joe Ginsberg-New EP: Click!

Getaddicted- Pictures: Click!


7 Gedanken zu “„My record-my rules!“ Interview with Chuck Ragan & Joe Ginsberg.

  1. Respect for your work and passion…oder in anderen Worten…du machst genau das, was ich immer machen wollte und nie den Mut dazu hatte. Wunderbar! Ich mag Deine Seite sehr!

    1. Hallo, liebe Silke!:)

      Da interessiert mich doch: inwiefern hattest du nie den Mut? Interview-/Blogtechnisch gesehen?
      Vielen vielen Dank! Es freut mich wirklich immer sehr zu lesen/hören, wenn man die Sachen mag, die ich hier schreibe! :)

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