„We’re just fishing!“ „Don’t worry!“- Interview with Chuck Ragan & Joe Ginsberg.

Foto von Alyssa/Getaddicted. Vielen Dank dafür!
Foto von Alyssa/Getaddicted. Vielen Dank dafür!

Part 2! Laura D. about Chuck Ragan & Joe Ginsberg: To tell the story of how i started listening to Chuck Ragan and Joe Ginsberg, I have to start with another guy: Dave Hause. I saw him supporting The Gaslight Anthem last year and was hooked the second he got on stage! So after a while I started listening to some of the other awesome musicians he has been touring with for the last few years and found out about the Revival Tour, Chuck and Joe. The first time I saw them was just a week ago at a german music festival and I still can’t find the right words to describe that gig. I could of course talk about how: awesome, energetic, powerful and touching a Chuck Ragan gig is, but you won’t fully understand until you’ve been to one. Or at least, I certainly didnt! It is not „just“ about Chuck, he also brought a great band, and you can feel their friendship all over the place. The second they get on stage, the magic starts. Joe Ginsberg is a brilliant musician and i really enjoyed his set, so i was incredibly happy when I had the chance to meet him at the merch table during their gig in Münster. He really is the nicest guy you could imagine, really friendly and trying to make every fan happy! I am really looking forward to many more of their concerts! (Thank you, Laura!)

Chuck and Joe: If you listening to a new record from a band you love: How are you listening to it? Can you step back from being a musician and just enjoy the music or are you listening to guitar tracks and other things?

Chuck, you call for food donations in three cities. Who came up with the idea? Is this done also in other countries?

Joe, your favorite German words?

Chuck, one of your passion is going fishing. How and when did it start? What made you fall in love with it?

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Getaddicted/Pictures (Münster): Click!



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