„What is my penis size..?“- Interview with The Drowning Men, part 1.

Photo: Jess.
Photo: Jess.

Jess: Last thursday we met James and Gabe from ‚The Drowning Men‘ for an interview. After Jasmin and me were finished preparing, the room looked like a perfect place for a children’s party. Balloons all over the place. As soon as James (guitar &vocals) and Gabe (keys) entered the room, we gave them darts to pop the ballons. The interview-questions were hidden in the ballons – and both of them seemed to be quite good at dart. During the interview we’ve learned much about the boys and heard funny stories. Thanks again for taking the time to answer all of our questions! I hadn’t seen any concert of ‚The Drowning Men‘ until then, but really enjoyed their show. I’m anyway fascinated by the instrument „theremin“ that Nato (singer) was playing. Eventhough he ‚just‘ used it as an effect – to me it was something completely new, as I only knew the instrument through television. Besides of that, I felt the whole concert as something ‚new‘ – in an absolute positive way. The rest of the audience had obviously a good time, too – dancing and hand clapping, celebrating and enjoying. Thanks for that – looking forward to their next gig!

Rockstars like to destroy hotelrooms. Did you ever do that? If not: what would you destroy first?

Which faults do you have (you and your band mates)?

Who influenced you the most during your childhood and why?

Let’s say you would look for a new member for the band- how should the person be?


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