„Nato would be the captain…“ Interview with The Drowning Men, part 3.

IMG_20130815_205003Verena about The Drowning Men: „Some day I‘ll write you a lie and tell you I‘m a friend…“ I won‘t. I‘ll honestly tell you how I fell in love with this wonderful band. That shouldn‘t be such a long story actually, because it‘s only just about 4 weeks ago since I discovered them. But my joy about that could already fill a few pages. I bought tickets for two of Chuck Ragan‘s gigs and as the Man Of Steel always is a guarantor for gathering great musicians around him, I watched a few videos of The Drowning Men on youtube.

It was like „yea, they sound cool, the rhythm, the melodies… I like that“. I wasn‘t sure about the lead singers voice, because mostly I like rough voices with a lot of „dirt“ in it. So I went to the show in Münster and as soon as The Drowning Men started playing I was like „fuck youtube-videos“! They had me at the first note, astonished me in an all positive way, even though the sound at Skater‘s Palace wasn‘t good! Just look at Nato‘s (lead singer) face while he sings and you‘ll believe every word that his unique voice carries over! Needless to say that everyone of them knows how to treat his instruments properly (the theremin and the organ music they use for example in „Courageous Son“ transports you directly into The Imaginarium of Doctor Parnassus until the drums set in)… more to the point, they know how to convey a feeling! After the show I bought their two albums „Beheading Of The Songbird“ and „All Of The Unknown“ (latest album) at the merch table. Heavy rotation since that day! Therefore I was really looking forward to the show in Cologne! What can I say, the sound at Essigfabrik was great and The Drowning Men blew my mind! That doesn‘t happen to me very often these days, there are a lot of great bands out there that I like, but only a few of them manage to constantly stay in my heart and their records on my turntable. The last time that happened was by the time I discovered The Gaslight Anthem and The National years ago. I‘m pretty sure that The Drowning Men will accompany both of these bands 33rpm on my record player as long as they‘re playing music! And hopefully they get the recognition they deserve! The Gaslight Anthem and The National are playing in front of 6000 people at their headline shows over here in Germany… in my opinion, there‘s no reason why The Drowning Men shouldn‘t make it that way!

Thanks to Nato (don‘t worry, his name‘s Nathan), James, Todd, Gabe and Rory for
daring the adventure of crossing the pond! And many thanks to Chuck Ragan for
constantly introducing us music lovers to such great artists! May you all be able to do what you love, your whole life!“ (Thank you, Verena!)

Gabe: Let’s say you would all be on a ship, way out there on the sea. Who would be the captain, the stowaway, the one who would go overboard, the drunken sailor and the chef- why?

James: 3 embarrasing moments you had on a date?

Gabe: Men on the road: Which 5 themes are you talking about? What are your favorites?

James: A picture shows you in sexy underwear. Do you still remember the story behind this picture?

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The Drowning Men will be supporting The Airborne Toxic Event on their European tour starting October 1st 2013.

10/1 – Birmingham, UK
10/2 – Manchester, UK
10/3 – Leeds, UK
10/5 – Dublin, Ireland
10/6 – Glasgow, UK
10/7 – London, UK
10/9 – Hamburg, Germany
10/10 – Cologne, Germany
10/11 – Munich, Germany
10/12 – Berlin, Germany
10/14 – Utrecht, Holland
10/15 – Frankfurt, Germany
10/16 – Leuven, Belgium


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