„…go on lots of dates!“- Interview with Northcote. Part 1.


„Better late than never!“ A sentence I’ve said to myself a week ago. Do you wanna know why? Yes? Great! I’ll tell you the reason: Dave Hause and Mitchell Townsend are currently on „Devour“-tour through Europe and just let me tell you one thing: the past shows were fucking amazing! I was lucky enough to see six concerts of this tour and my heart is bleeding as I know that tomorrow’s show in Stuttgart will be the last one for me. I’m very very sad about it! But as a matter of fact the Devour-Tour wouldn’t have been so perfect without the wonderful supportact Northcote from Canada! I have to admit, that I didn’t know him before but I definitely fell in love with his music („Better late than never!“). He’s a tall man, looks like a furry teddy bear and he reminds me on Chuck Ragan: Both have a big heart of gold and they are amazing human beings!

I’ve met Northcote for a short interview on a cold day in Munich. The idea was perfect, but the implementing wasn’t as good as I’d hoped! Sorry Matt! The next time I’ll do better! Promised!

What is one of your first childhood memories?

Can you give me five tips to live life fullest?

Schooldays: Clown or geek? What funny/embarrasing stories do you remember?

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