„…you’d kill for your own bed…“- Andrew von The Static Age über Tourmanager.

Foto: Dan Lambert.
Foto: Dan Lambert.

Könnt ihr euch noch an das kleine Interview mit Tourmanager Laurin erinnern? In diesem sprach er unter anderem darüber, was man als Tourmanager alles mitbringen sollte, über seine allererste Tour und über lustige Erlebnisse, die unterwegs passierten. Und ich dachte mir: Warum denn nicht auch mal jemanden von einer Band zu Wort kommen lassen? Andrew Paley von The Static Age wäre doch perfekt dafür! (Vielen Dank nochmal an Felix von Flix Records für’s Vermitteln!). So bekam er kurzerhand 3 Fragen zugeschickt, die er auch ohne zu zögern beantwortete.

Tourmanager/Driver are hardworking people:if you would have to deliver an acceptance speech – what would it look like?

Andrew: Tour managing is both a headache and a blast of a job – there’s never a dull moment, and there’s always something to be taken care of – and the people who dedicate their time to it are the ones who really make shows and tours happen. Tour managers and drivers are the unsung heroes of independent tours in particular – there’s not-great pay, everyone’s dirty, you’d kill for your own bed most nights and you’re never really not working (things come up even at 5am). For the band, this is all made okay by the chance to play, but the tour manager/driver usually doesn’t have that luxury. So, yeah, tour managers and drivers of the world: we love you all – thanks.

Let’s talk about Laurin: What makes him so special? How would you describe him?

Andrew: We only had about a week of time with Laurin, as he (graciously) helped us out when our usual manager (Felix from Flix) had to leave the tour a few days early to help manage a festival. That said, he fit right into things – no easy task when you’re joining a clan of people who’ve been out for weeks already – and was a blast to have along. Plus, we owe him one for putting up with us.

What was your funniest experience with Laurin?

Andrew: One small quip that comes to mind – and still gets referenced to this day, in bad attempts to mimic Laurin’s deep voice – was what he had to say about the old sweatpants I was wearing for the plane ride back to the US:

„Those are literally the worst pants I’ve ever seen.“

This was just about the last thing he said to me, actually. I like to think he was exaggerating. But I don’t mind – they’re comfy.

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