„Sounds like a lot of things, but nobody sounds like us.“

Foto: Derek Branscombe.
Foto: Derek Branscombe.

Dan Mangan. Ich weiß tatsächlich nicht mehr, wie ich auf diesen Musiker aufmerksam geworden bin. Er hatte aber zumindest irgendwann einen Platz in meinem kleinen Musikherzen ergattern können & ist dort nicht mehr wegzudenken. Vor ungefähr einem Jahr schrieb ich Dan einfach mal über Facebook an und fragte nach, ob er nicht vielleicht auch bei der „Some words about…“- Reihe mitmachen möchte. Wollte er. Und was soll ich sagen? Heute, im Jahre 2014, befand sich eine Nachricht im Posteingang. „Dan? Häh? Warum sollte er mir….ah! Da war ja mal was gewesen! Unglaublich, dass er noch nach all den verstrichenen Monaten daran gedacht hat oder besser gesagt: Glücklicherweise ist er erneut über meine damalige Nachricht gestolpert & hat in die Tasten gehauen!“ Großartig! Ein Mann, ein Wort! Auch wenn es etwas gedauert hat, ABER gut Ding will ja bekanntlich Weile haben, oder?

Some words about….

Jason Collett

Great songwriter and a very smart dude. One of those cool instances where you’re into someone’s music and then you become pals with them.

Grizzly Bear

I like how this band makes songs out of sounds rather than the other way around. I don’t love everything by them but I respect them a lot.

Aidan Knight

Oh, my dear Aidan- like a little brother. He’s got the goods.

Bon Iver

Last time I saw Justin I made the mistake of smoking some of his weed and then I became mute and awkward for a very long time.

The Rural Alberta Advantage

Lovely folks. It was fun to tour with them.

„What Happens Next?“ documentary

Weird when somebody wants to document your life. I have a hard time accepting that I’m all that documentable. I thought they did a good job of telling a story, though. I was flattered.


…was a new ep back when you asked me to answer these questions. Now it’s very old. We have a new album that we’re working on!


…the most beautiful city in the world & has a lot of growing to do culturally. I don’t anticipate putting roots down anywhere else.


…must be done right & and different. Can’t just copy the original & and you have to choose the right song. It’s tricky!


I’ve often asked „What would Radiohead do?“ and then gone, „Aw man fuck I’m not Radiohead! So why ask that.“

The first show you ever played

Dunbar Community Centre. 20 people. Someone crowd-surfed.

Your biggest mistake on stage

I used to tell too many corny jokes. I don’t regret it, but I needed to get it out. I was overcompensating for any nervousness I was feeling. As I get older, I get less nervous about everything. The universe is indifferent, which is endless freedom to enjoy yourself and be generous and compassionate gratuitously with no expectation to ever be repaid.

Things, you can’t live without

Water seems to be a crucial thing, it seems.

Your strengths

I trust my gut.

Your weaknesses

I want everyone to like me!

Being on tour

Important and grueling.

The biggest compliment for your music

Sounds like a lot of things, but nobody sounds like us.

Your future plans, when you were a child

Be a veterinarian.


Over now (sorry for the delay). But it was the best year of my life!

Last words

„Everything was beautiful and nothing hurt.”

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