Plattenalarm #8: The Scandals greifen für uns in ihren Plattenschrank!

1451366_10151987548631772_599804992_nThe Scandals. Die Punkband aus New Jersey hat, als Support von The Gaslight Anthem, gerade eine sehr erfolgreiche Tour quer durch Europa hinter sich. Bereits vor über 10 Jahren, 2004, hat sich die Band gegründet – es folgten viele Konzerte und Touren mit Größen wie Chuck Ragan, The Bouncing Souls, Off with their Heads, Dave Hause, The Menzingers oder auch The Flatliners. Nach mehreren Demos und EPs erschien 2010 dann endlich ihr erstes Album The sound of the stereo.

2012 folgten zwei weitere EPs: Trenchknife und Riot on the dancefloor. Letztes Jahr veröffentlichten die Jungs dann das Album Time Machines ausschließlich in Europa (via Gunner Records). Die Platte enthält die Tracks der Trenchknife EP inkl. der B-seite und 5 neue Songs. Jeder der die Band jemals live erlebt hat, wird mir gewiss zustimmen wenn ich sage: der absolute Wahnsinn! Die ganze Energie und Leidenschaft, die man auf Platte erahnen kann, kriegt man auf deren Konzerte zu spüren; im positivsten Sinne. Wer die Band noch nicht live gesehen hat, sollte das auf jeden Fall bei deren nächsten Tour nachholen!

Sean (Bassist) und Anthony (Gitarrist) haben sich die Zeit genommen und uns sehr schöne Texte zugeschickt, die ihr euch unbedingt mal durchlesen solltet! Ich bin wohl einer der größten Fans unserer Plattenreihe: Es ist immer wieder super interessant und spannend zu lesen, wie sehr eine einzige Platte jemanden prägen kann bzw welch Erinnungen an einer einzigen runden Scheibe kleben!
Thanks heaps, Sean & Anthony!! Vielen Dank an dieser Stelle auch nochmal an die liebe Katrin, ohne die dieser Artikel wohl nie entstanden wäre! We love Flix Records!!!

Hi my name Is Sean Carney and I play bass and sing in The Scandals. The record I randomly pulled from my collection is None More Black’s „This is Satire“ released in 2006 and limited to 310 on pink vinyl. This is the second full length from the band and one of my favorites in my collection. I am excited with this as a blind pick nmbbecause it did come with a story. I got this record back in 2009. NMB were not playing as much anymore so when it was announced, The Bouncing Souls, 7 Seconds and None More Black were playing together in Philadelphia I immediately bought three tickets. At the time I had never been to Philadelphia so my buddies and I made a weekend trip out of it. On that hot day in august we took off from Rhode Island in my terribly reliable 2001 dodge neon. We drove for about an hour when my car began overheating. My heart sank at the thought of missing the show and letting my friends down. It took over two hours to get a tow truck to where we were stranded and by the time I got to the repair shop it seemed our weekend was doomed. At the last minute we were able to find a car to borrow and we hauled ass down to Philly. By the time we got to the venue, I could hear the rumblings of The Bouncing Souls and knew we missed 7 Seconds and None More Black. Although bummed about that, the Bouncing Souls put on a great show and we did get to see Lou from Sick of It all join them on their cover of „Good Lookin‘ Out“. On my way out of the venue I stopped by the merch table and found this very record. The guy selling for them ended up pulling the tapped copy down and was proud to tell me this was the very last one. Bummed I missed the band but very excited to grab this vinyl. We ended up having a blast in Philly. I remember that trip every time I spin this record. Since that show I ended up catching NMB at Fest 10 in Gainesville Florida and The Scandals shared the stage with them and The Bouncing Souls at Home For The Holidays 2014. Stand out tracks from this release include „We dance on the ruins of the stupid stage“ „Under My Feet“ „Zing Pong“ and „D is for Doorman (Come on in)“.


So the record that was randomly selected is Gorrila Biscuits– Start Today, an album that has a significant amount of meaning for me. 

When I was first getting into the punk/hardcore scene and going to shows I was was only exposed to the more mainstream and well known acts like the Sex Pistols, Dead Kennedys, The Clash (the beginners guide to punk rock), and random „local bands“ from mix tapes that my friends would give me listen to, but being a thrash metal kid at the time I always thought something was missing for me…mostly speed. I always agreed with the message that the artist was trying to convey but the music wasn’t as aggressive as I would have liked. 

The Scandals
The Scandals
One day my friend came up to me and dropped a tape into my lap and just said „Listen to this.“ I popped it into my stereo and once the opening trumpet blare of „New Direction“ kicked off I was hooked. It was everything I wanted from a punk band: the speed, the message, and how catchy it was…everything was perfect. Even today it’s one of the few albums today that I can listen to front to back and not have the idea cross my mind of skipping a song and I’ve been hoping that one day a new remastered version will be released. (I’m still waiting Revelation Records!!!!!!!)
The sad part was that by the time I heard of the band they had been broken up for years and members had gone off to start other projects (especially Walter and Sammy) so I had given up hope of ever seeing them live. The band that had gotten me fully into the punk and hardcore scene is one that I would never see play. Then one day I heard that CBGB’s was putting on benefit shows to raise money. They were behind on rent and that Gorrilla Biscuits was getting back together to play a one off show to help the legendary venue stay alive. Needless to say I got my tickets and was in the front row finger pointing and screaming my lungs out to every damn word that Civ was singing. 
 After the show, realizing that I had lost my voice for the first time in my life, I walked down the streets of Manhattan with my friends knowing that, somehow, I got to experience something I never thought would be possible…I got to see the band that defined the taste I have in music play. I didn’t stop smiling for the rest of the night.

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