Coppersky wieder auf Deutschlandtour!

Eine vierköpfige Band, bestehend aus 3 Brüdern und einem guten Freund, hat sich 2010 in Utrecht gegründet.
Nach der Veröffentlichung ihres Debütalbums „Relief, Be Around the Bend“ und einer folgenden selbstbetitelten 7″ EP, die in Holland massives Radio-Airplay erzielte, erregte die Truppe die Aufmerksamkeit des deutschen Labels Uncle-M Music. Ihr Zweitwerk, If We´Re Losing Everything, erschien im März 2016 europaweit und erhielt haufenweise positive Reviews.

Mit ihrer gelungenen Mischung aus feinstem Heartland-Rock, Indie, Punk und Folk und Liveperformances die seinesgleichen suchen, erspielten die Jungs sich eine immer größer werdende Fanbase. Zurecht.

Ein Konzertbesuch lohnt sich. Immer. Neben experimentierfreudigen Jams werden auch die lauten Singalongs nicht zu kurz kommen. Improvisation wird bei Coppersky ganz groß geschrieben. Man verliert sich in der Musik. In dem Moment.
Eine der energetischsten Bands die ich seit langem live erleben durfte. Dazu noch Erik´s Stimme, die mich immer wieder aufs Neue umhaut. Leidenschaftlich. Zerbrechlich. Kraftvoll. Eine Stimme, die berührt und gleichzeitig die Kinnlade nach unten kippen lässt. Ja, man kommt nicht aus dem Staunen raus. Die Bühne wird vollstens genutzt, die Aufmerksamkeit des Publikums wird immer wieder aufs Neue auf sich gezogen.
Kurz: Ein Erlebnis, das man sich nicht entgehen lassen sollte.


Checkt die Tourdaten; ich bin mir sicher, dass sie auch in eurer Nähe ein Konzert spielen werden. Geht hin, feiert diese Band und habt eine gute Zeit!
Und damit nicht genug: In einigen Städten werden die Jungs außerdem bereits nachmittags eine akkustik Session in ausgewählten Shops und Läden zum Besten geben. Das wird fulminant!!

Erik (Sänger) hat sich die Zeit genommen und mir einige Fragen rund um Coppersky ausführlich beantwortet; herausgekommen ist dabei ein interessantes Interview, das sich zu lesen lohnt:

01. What makes a live concert memorable to you?
As a band?
It’s cool when you stick your neck out and try something you’ve never done before, not even in the practice room… and succeed of course. We love improvising and trying hard to make every evening special in it’s own way. I love it when audiences listen to the music and also when they go crazy, preferably a combination of the two 😊
As a visitor?
As a visitor I want to see a band that is happy to be playing. I love well written songs and bands that have melodies that haunt me afterwards. AS a visitor I hope to be inspired and drawn in emotionally by the band. At the same time some good old fashioned entertainment on stage works for me too from time to time.

02. Name one memory that particulary stands out for you during a concert

There are so many to choose from but I do remember when we went on tour in Germany for the first time the first show was in Hamburg at Molotow. We didn’t know what to expect. We played in there small basement room called Karatekeller and it was packed. People were singing along and dancing and having a good time, it was such a surprise to experience. I still cherish that evening.

03. „If we´re losing everything“, your second album, was released in March 2016 and got plenty of positive reviews. What has changed since then?

Plenty. The record gave us the chance to tour all over Germany and even in Switzerland and Belgium. We had never played in these countries before. We’ve met loads of new friends on the way and have gotten to return to some awesome venues and cities. We love the hospitality we receive in Germany, it’s exceptional.

04. Do you sometimes listen to your own records? If so, what´s your favorite song? Why?

Yeah sometimes. Especially when we want play an old song we haven´t played in a while it helps me remember the lyrics and how a song goes more or less. We change how we play songs off records a lot because we love taking an existing song to a new level. My favorite song at the moment is I would have to say Sweet Elysium, it has such a good vibe and I remember it was the first song we recorded for this record. It always reminds me of that special time in a cabin in the middle of nowhere recording vocals next to a fireplace.

05. Where do you see Coppersky in 5 years?

Hard to say. We’ll be old hahaha. But seriously I think we will have released a lot of new music and we will have grown as a band in many ways. We will be playing some bigger festivals and clubs. I hope that I personally become a better song writer and that I will have loads of inspiration for trying new things in terms of lyrics and melodies.

06. What does success mean to you?

Success is to us is measured by happiness and growth. Happiness in that we‘re happier than ever to be a band. We love playing live, touring and recording. Writing new songs is also always a very interesting time because you never know what kind of record we will end up making. We are growing in terms of skills musically speaking but also as people. We’ve learned how to tackle challenges head on and as a band we are a machine both on and off stage. We are serious about what we’re doing but we never forget to have loads of fun. However music isn;t a joke, it’s something almost spiritual to us, it’s a ritual that is an important part of our lives.

07. 2017 in review:
– Best album: Prisoner (Ryan Adams), what fantastic record yet again. So heartfelt, he wrote a record in the spirit of Bruce Springsteen and actually succeeded, how amazing.
– Best concert: We saw this band called Hound at Langeln Open Air, a festival which we played at. We we’re blown away by, well everything. They played in the afternoon but should have been a headliner. The band as whole were so energetic and very dynamic with a standout leadsinger and lead guitarist.
– Highlight as a band: Our highlight this year was something that only we as a band experienced. We wrote this one song that determined what the next record is going to sound like in terms of music but also lyrical content. It was a great moment to realize we had found something very special to build on.
– Greatest flattery from a fan: After a show in Duisburg an old man came up to us and said he had seen Led Zeppelin when he was young and that we had the same energy as a band. That’s about the best compliment a rock band could receive. Even though he was pretty drunk I think he really meant it. Wow!

08. How did you choose your tour announcers?

We looked for media that had written about us before and that we liked. It was also important for us to get tour sponsors from cities we were playing in our close to during the tour. Music blogs, magazines and media are so important for bands like ours, we can’t do without their support. We’re very happy with our tour sponsors and how they are helping out in supporting the tour and also creating awesome content like pictures, articles and interviews.

09. What can we expect in 2018?

In 2018 we will focus on finishing writing our new record and then recording it. We are really excited about it and think it is going to be . Also we will play some festivals and shows here and there. Hopefully there will be some new music available at the end of the year. Don’t tell anybody but we might play some new material live on this tour haha.

Thanks heaps, Erik!!


16.11.2017 DE / Lübeck / Blauer Engel
17.11.2017 DE / Münster / Gleis 22 + Instore at Drei:klang Café
18.11.2017 DE / Trier / Lucky’s Luke w/ Kramsky + Instore at Trick17
23.11.2017 DE / Leipzig / WERK2-Kulturfabrik + Instore at Vodafone Shop Karli
24.11.2017 DE / Braunschweig / B58 w/ Hi! Spencer
25.11.2017 DE / Mönchengladbach / Wohnzimmerkonzert
29.11.2017 DE / Hamburg / Astra Stube
30.11.2017 DE / Berlin / Monarch + Instore at Silver Disc
01.12.2017 DE / Köln / Sonic Ballroom


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