Andy McBride wieder in Deutschland!

2014 als Panic Anchor begonnen, bespielt er inzwischen ohne Pseudonym die Clubs und Cafés. Die Rede ist von Andy McBride. Ein Songwriter aus Glasgow.

Musikalisch zurückhaltend, der Gesang sanft. Manchmal ist einfach, einfach schön. Die Stimme aus Schottland mit Wiedererkennungswert. Die Liebe zum Country hört man raus und doch kann man seine Songs nicht komplett in eben jene Schublade stecken.
Andy beweist, dass Musik nicht immer kompliziert oder komplex sein muss um zu überzeugen. Viel wichtiger ist das Gefühl, die Emotion, die dabei übertragen wird. Noch dieses Jahr wird er sein Debutalbum „Shipyard Soul“ veröffentlichen – diesen Freitag schon erscheint die erste Single, Glory, Glory.

Die Studioaufnahme der Single wird morgen weltweit digital veröffentlicht – und pünktlich dazu wird Andy insgesamt 4 Konzerte in Deutschland spielen. Wer die Möglichkeit hat, sollte ihn unbedingt besuchen.

Letztes Jahr noch als Support für Cammy Black (Sänger/13Crowes) in Deutschland unterwegs, wird er dieses Mal als Hauptact auftreten und hat seinen Buddy, Mick Hargan, ebenfalls aus Schottland, als Supportact mit dabei.

Und wer erst noch etwas mehr über ihn erfahren möchte, über seine Einflüsse und wie die Aufnahmen zu seinem Debutalbums verliefen – der möge sich doch bitte folgendes Interview durchlesen:

01. For those who haven´t heard of you before: How would you describe your music?

I’m a Scottish songwriter who’s heavily influenced by both punk rock and 70’s country music. When I started playing music I always wanted to try to and sound like Johnny Cash mixed with The Clash. I’ve probably moved in and out of that over the years but that was initial reason for starting to write songs.

02. When did you start making music?

 I started much later compared to a lot of my friends I now tour with. I was always fascinated by Music and especially the classic songwriters who told stories but it took me until I was 21 to get my first guitar. I remember a good friend of mine’s brother playing at the campsite of Of a summer festival we were at to about 5 of us and thought it was the coolest thing ever. That’s all I ever really wanted to be able to do, so I taught myself how to play.

03. What inspires you to write songs?

 I write songs as a form of therapy like I think a lot of people do. I’m from the west of Scotland and we aren’t exactly known for talking about our feelings or emotions so I put it all into trying to write songs. I’ve always found it very cathartic and its somewhere when I get in the right headspace to do it I find very peaceful and satisfying.

04. „Glory, Glory“ will be released this following friday. Why did you choose that song as the first single?

I chose Glory, Glory as the preview track / single because i think it represents what I was trying to do with the whole record. Raw, upfront songwriting in a Nebraska-esque template. I also wrote it after a period when I hadn’t been writing a lot and wondered if I had any more songs in me, it’s also partly about me and my oldest friend and how over the years like everyone we’ve had difficult times but there’s that reminder to youthful innocence and living for the moment. That obviously changes as you get older but the sentiment remains I think.

05. „Shipyard Soul“ – your debut album will be released later this year. How were the recordings? What can we expect?

 Shipyard Soul is a collection of what I think is my best songwriting to date. There were 1 or 2 songs missed off but the reason was I was trying to match a picture I had in my head. I had the title and the cover very early and knew what I was trying to get to. Did I succeed? I don’t know that’s probably not up to me to say. The title was also inspired from my hometown. At its peak Glasgow was known as an industrial shipbuilding city and all my songs are heavily influenced by where I grew up, it’s my home for better or worse. The soul part comes from a belief I have that there is no such thing as ‘genres’ in music. You like what you like – good music. And all good music is Soul Music in my opinion.

06. What bands are you currently listening to?

This is a great question I love talking about bands and music, I’m always a music fan first. Ok so my pal Cammys band ‘13 crowes’ rock like fuck, they’re absolutely amazing and the songwriting is consistently great. I was lucky enough to open for Cammy on his solo acoustic German tour last year and it’s something I’ll always owe him a debt of gratitude for. Getting to see his songwriting talent every night was really special and he’s up there with my other hero’s the likes of Springsteen, Tom Waits and Townes Van Zandt. My best pal Mick Hargan is probably the most effortless songwriter I’ve ever witnessed his sense of melody is genuinely remarkable and while successful in his own right I’ve always felt he is better than any arena touring acts I see. We had Not A Single Note from St Wendel over in Scotland recently and they were amazing it reminded me of seeing Hot Water Music for the first time – great energy. Other than that I’m a huge fan of a band from Memphis called Lucero they’re amazing and I steal all their chord progressions for my own songs.

07. What´s the best lyric you´ve ever heard and who´s it from?

 I could happily rhyme off my top ten favourite lyrics!! However if it’s a case of picking one only it’s easy enough… ‘To Live’s To fly’ by Townes Van Zandt – there is not a single ounce of fat on that song and it’s pure poetry every word is meant and fits perfectly. I have the lyric tattooed on the back of my neck and I think he’s the best songwriter that ever lived. At his best he could make Bob Dylan look like an amateur – genius.

Thank you!



10.08.2018 – JJ´s Pub, St Wendel
11.08.2018 – Privat, Oberthal
12.08.2018 – Tom´s Musikkeller, Enkirch
13.08.2018 – Tante Guerilla, Saarbrücken