No Way In Hell I Break #6 mit Oise von End Hits Records

Foto: Sven Hoppmann // Melancholie Maritim

Woran ich merke, dass zur Zeit irgendwas nicht stimmt? Daran, dass ich gerade kein Job habe? Am Kontaktverbot? Mindestabstand? Tja, wer darauf getippt haben sollte, der hat leider Pech gehabt. Denn es ist etwas ganz anderes, völlig unerwartetes passiert, was mich doch leicht aus der Bahn geworfen hat: eine Sache kann ich euch sagen- wenn Oise einen anschreibt und fragt, ob er auch eine Playlist beisteuern DARF (!!!!), dann stehen wir garantiert schon kurz vor einer nicht mehr abzuwendenden Zombieapokalypse.

Oise. Mastermind hinter End Hits Records. Tourmanager aus purer Leidenschaft, der stets alle Fäden in den Händen hält & sich nur selten aus der Ruhe bringen lässt. Wenn ich Oise beschreiben müsste, würde ich es wohl so formulieren: Offenherzig. Ausgestattet mit einem sehr guten Humor & nie um einen Spruch oder Schlagabtausch verlegen- da bekommt wirklich jeder sein Fett weg, versprochen! Durch seinen ausgeprägten bayrischen Dialekt kann man ihm aber tatsächlich nichts übel nehmen. Ein Typ, dessen Glas stets halb voll ist & immer versucht das Beste aus jeder Ausgangssituation zu machen. Plan B, C und D scheinbar stets griffbereit. Ein Typ, für den definitiv sehr viele ihre Hand ohne zu zögern ins Feuer legen würden. Oise ist eine große Bereicherung für so viele- ob als guter Freund, Tourmanager oder selbst nur bei einem kurzen Kennenlernen- er hinterlässt einen bleibenden Eindruck. Ja doch, so würde ich Oise zumindest in Kurzform beschreiben.

Übrigens: eh es gleich zur Playlist geht, würde ich euch bitten mal im End Hits Records Shop vorbeizuschauen. Dort findet ihr Platten und sonstigen Merch von Nathan Gray, Boysetsfire, Swain, Norbert Buchmacher, Trade Wind, Matze Rossi, undundund! Da wird garantiert jeder fündig werden!

++++Zum Shop: Klick!++++

Vielen Dank an Oise für’s Mitmachen (über Morrissey müssen wir aber wirklich nochmal sprechen, haha) und danke an Sven Hoppmann und Stefan Pommeresch für die bereitgestellten Fotos!

Thank you Jasmin for the invite – although i think i actually invited myself i guess haha.

Although touring follows a pretty strict schedule i hardly have time to develop routines.

This new situation – for better AND for worse – is finally allowing me to spend a longer stretch of time at home and to cultivate some new habits.

I put together a playlist of music that accompanies me over the course of a quarantine day.

I hope you enjoy it.

Stay healthy, stay safe and keep your head above the water at all times!


I honestly believe each day gives you a chance for change. They may be small changes, they may not be instantly visible but the possibilities each new day brings are endless. This song reminds me of exactly that.

GREAT COLLAPSEBreak In Case Of Emergency

After getting up i usually grab a fresh cup of coffee and read the news real quick. Enough to keep me informed about the current developments without freaking me out too much.

And i really feel like singer Thomas (you might know him from his other band STRIKE ANYWHERE…) pretty much predicted everything that is happening right now five years ago.

CRASSDo They Owe Us A Living?

Do they owe us a living? Of course they fucking do!

Reading the news it becomes clear that a system were hard working people are threatened by bankruptcy because they miss ONE months salary is clearly a system not serving humanity.

We need „bedingungsloses Grundeinkommen“ („basic income guarantee“) and we need it now.

MORRISSEYI Am Not A Dog On A Chain

Time to wrap up the gathering of information. And who would be better for this job than a man that claims to never read the news?

Yeah,yeah…we all know Morrissey is an asshole. Actually – we knew this for a while.

That doesn’t change the fact that he just released one of his best albums in a long long time and the title track is just brilliant.


After being agitated by all the headlines and conflicting information its time for a little detox.

Foto: Stefan Pommeresch

My friends Mitali and Robert released this wonderful meditation music right in time to help us find some peace and quiet on those hectic, uncertain times.


I personally think this is a great time to include some kind of exercise in your daily routine.

Currently i like to go out for a run but it can be whatever feels right to you.

This song is not only super motivational musically but the lyrics just hit really close to home. With a future so uncertain it is of the most utter importance to live in the moment right now.

BOB MARLEYLively Up Yourself

After a work out it’s time to open up your window and just relax for a while. Read a book, call a friend, stare into the big nothing.

This is one of my favorite Marley songs and this live version showcases how INTENSE and POWERFUL he really was when performing.

BEATLESWe Can Work It Out

Any better music to enjoy the sun with then THE BEATLES? I don’t think so!

Humans are capable to make the best or worst of a situation. I am an optimist and actually believe we can work this out if we all try hard enough.

Thanks for the reminder Paul!

MATZE ROSSIErzähl Mir Nichts

One last song while we are looking out the window. A great song that reminds me that freedom is so much more than the ability to move from one place to the other.

That freedom is something buried deep inside of us with the key line being „Lass den Horizont dein Zuhause sein – Du bist hier nicht gefangen“.

I used google translator and its actually pretty spot on: „Let the horizon be your home – You are not trapped here.“

CEREMONYIn The Spirit World Now

Time to take a walk to the grocery store. You are hopefully wearing a face mask. The streets are fairly empty.

People coming your way are quickly crossing the street. It really feels like being in the spirit world now, doesn’t it?

BANEWrong Planet

This song is a simple reminder that you don’t have to feel ok all the time. Not every day has to be filled with productive activities.

It’s absolutely fine to feel weird and like you are on the „Wrong Planet“ from time to time. Just remember to come back please.

THE POLICEBring On The Night

Quarantine days can be long so time to welcome the evening with one of my favorite singers.

„The future is but a question mark“ – damn right it is Sting!

NORBERT BUCHMACHERZeitspanner Und Regenmacher

Use the time you have. Tell someone you love and miss them.

This is the time to stop being ironic and clever. This is a time for being honest.

ALICE COLTRANEJourney In Satchidananda

It’s been a long long day with many ups and downs.

Time to slow down. Time to turn off the lights and listen to this purely magical music from another universe.

Good night. Tomorrow is another day.


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