Track by Track: Tim Vantol über Better Days.

In vier Tagen wird endlich das nagelneue Album Better Days von Tim Vantol erscheinen und ich sag euch eins: für mich ist diese Platte bereits jetzt schon ein heißer RECORD OF THE YEAR Anwärter! Mit Better Days gibt uns Tim einen tiefen Einblick in seine Gefühlswelt: konfrontiert mit Rückschlägen und das Stolpern über gemachte Fehler, aus denen man scheinbar nicht immer schlauer wird, sondern sie wie in einer Endlosschleife wiederholt & damit anderen Menschen gehörig vor den Kopf stößt. Ich glaube, dass das auch viele von uns kennen, oder? Es insgeheim besser wissen, aber am Ende doch nicht wirklich aus seiner Haut können und damit ein weiteres Schlamassel angezettelt, welches einfach nicht hätte sein müssen. Auch sehr gut getroffen hat er es zum Beispiel mit Not Today: in diesem Song wird aufgezeigt wie es ist, wenn man in einer tiefen depressiven Phase festhängt und noch nicht mal mehr die Kraft dafür aufbringen kann um aus dem Bett zu steigen oder anderen alltäglichen Kram zu erledigen. Ehrlich, direkt & schonungslos.

Better Days. Eine schöne Mischung aus Zweifeln & Hoffnungsschimmer. Mit der Vergangenheit abschließen und nach vorne sehen. Falls mal Dinge schief laufen sollten- draus lernen, abhaken und seinen Weg unbeirrt weitergehen. Mehr das Herz sprechen lassen und den Verstand, der einen ja doch immer mal einen Strich durch die Rechnung machen möchte, zur Seite schieben und ruhig auch mal etwas riskieren. Das Leben mit all seinen Facetten annehmen und sich niemals unterkriegen lassen- irgendeine Lösung gibt es schließlich immer, auch wenn sie im ersten Moment alles andere als offensichtlich vor einem liegt.

++++Better Days bestellen: Hier!++++

Um die Vorfreude noch mehr zu steigern, hat sich Tim nochmal alle Songs zur Brust genommen & verrät uns, welche Gedankengänge sich dahinter verstecken! Vielen Dank an Tim & ich bin auch schon sehr gespannt, wie euch die Platte gefallen wird!

No More
I was struggling with myself the last years, things went down wards, i couldn’t really enjoy life and it got worse and worse each days. I’ve tried many different things in hope i would get better that also means letting things go. It was a long search, but i found my obstacle… so i got rid of it.

When the alarm clock rings and the light shines through.
Decisions left to be made by you.
Are you scared of the things you might miss out
and be left with nothing to lose?
Brand new directions are waiting for you.

Tell Them
It is so important to not take things for granted and especially the good people around you, friends and family. And we all need some appreciation, so why not tell them so now and then.

Tell them how much they mean.
Tell them how much they mean.
In a world like this, that goes to shit.
Tell them how much they mean to you.
Just tell them how much they mean.

Better Days
It doesn’t matter how bad things are going or how terrible you feel, there will always be some good moments waiting for you.

I want to build a house with my bare hands.
Share the view with all my friends.
Luck is just a word without a meaning.
I want to cut the leaves of my own crops.
Taste the wine, every drop.
Trying not to feel it’s just beating.

A River Full Of Reasons
For everything there’s a reason, and maybe not always a good one, but there is one. We all seem to judge so easily, until we get in that very same position. I might have fucked a bunch of things up, but i had my reasons, again not always the correct reason, but at least i’ve learned my lessons.

Everything’s got its reason.
Oh, it wasn’t meant to be.
Dragged into the river.
Dragged into the river.
Dragged into the river.
Disappeared into the sea.

Haven’t you learned
It frustrates me to see that we sometimes don’t learn our lessons, and make exactly the same mistakes although sometimes it’s an exact copy of what happends in the past… and that we will hurt people by being so selfish.

Is it all worth it?
The anger, the pain.
One day you’ll wake up
and it’ll all be too late.

Religion is a tough topic, it can be extremely helpfull to some, but it can also be misused. When someone fucks up, they will confess their sinn to a god and it should all be fine, as long as they try to become better, but it’s not how it works, don’t confess to a god, but try to do the right thing, don’t hide behind a god, take your responsibillity. Cause if you don’t you will keep fucking up.

So, here’s to our failures, our missteps and our mistakes.
May we be brave enough to face all our deepest shames.

Not Today
Depression takes away all the energy, makes you feel worthless, makes you ask yourself the question: is it all worth it?
My biggest struggle was when i wasn’t being productive, but i simply couldn’t be productive, so i felt useless as if i was wasting too much time. It took me a long time to accept that it’s okay to not feel okay.

The sun tried to convince me,
but it won’t change a thing.
I guess I’m going nowhere.
I guess I’m staying in.

5 Inch Screen
We all fool eachother and ourselves, we create our perfect worlds with filters and only the best shots. So others will admire what we are able to do. A Picture is just a second of a situation that you are able to make it looks better. So while you are working everyday, you see all the other people living the life! Not realizing that it’s just a single second of their day, you won’t see their struggles, the same that you have. So while you see 1000 pictures a day of people traveling and enjoying life a bit more than you do, you will fall deeper and deeper ….

Wonder how I’m doing, wonder where I’ve been.
Try to cover up all the shit I’m in.
Another night in a sold-out club.
Twenty bored people and a sleeping dog.

You will never
The battle between the mind and heart, how much the mind tries to fuck you up and tells you whats good and whats bad, don’t forget to listen to you heart. It’s only one life and you should do what you like.

When you’ve got the heart, just listen and follow,
fight or swallow and embrace the one you’ve got.

It’s Gonna Hurt
I did hear this line in an interview and i thought it was a great line, so i wanted to use it to write a little ode to Pain. Pain sucks, it hurts and we see it as something negative, but we forget that Pain lets us feel, that we care, that we mourn and that we’re simply alive and that’s great.

Only if you feel it,
it will burn and stay.
It’s gonna hurt one day.